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Vinyl fencing has become the fencing of choice over wood, aluminum and chain link over the past decade or so. Why? The aesthetic look of the fence is one of the main reasons, but vinyl is also stronger and longer-lasting than wood, does not need to be painted or stained, is relatively easy to clean and maintain, and does not rot, rust or break easily.

Is it more expensive than traditional fencing options? Yes, but if you have the budget for it, vinyl fencing is something you might want to consider.
Wolfe Fencing Co is a dependable vinyl fence supplier in the northern Florida area. We have many years experience in vinyl fencing installation. When it comes to vinyl, we offer, in addition to installation:

  • Vinyl fence repair
  • Vinyl fence replacement
  • Vinyl fence maintenance
While it's true that vinyl fencing is more durable and relatively maintenance-free as compared to other types of fencing, it can in some cases become cracked or faded, depending on the vinyl used. So, if you have an existing vinyl fence that needs some attention, let Wolfe Fencing Co turns its attention to you.

We pride ourselves on our repair services. We'll work our magic and have your fence looking like new! As with our fencing installation, there's no vinyl repair or maintenance job too big or small. Our vinyl fence maintenance can include cleaning to remove tough stains and dirt and return your fence to pristine condition.

So, are you interested in a vinyl fence in Jacksonville, FL, or a surrounding area and want to learn more? Contact Wolfe Fencing Co--we're here to answer any questions and even provide free estimates if you're considering the installation or repair of a vinyl fence. 

Let us service all of your vinyl fence needs!

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