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Like vinyl, aluminum fencing is a long-lasting and durable alternative to wood. It has become a very popular choice over the last several years; in fact, according to 2009 statistics supplied by The Freedonia Group, an international industry research company, metal fencing sales--including aluminum fence sales--were responsible for more than 63% of the total fencing market.

Wolfe Fencing Co is a premier aluminum fence dealer in northern Florida. We offer many aluminum fence deals and choices to meet your particular needs. We provide aluminum fence installation and aluminum fence repair for residential and commercial properties.

Why aluminum fencing? For many of the same reasons to choose vinyl fencing: the attractive look, the low maintenance, the durability...but unlike vinyl fencing, aluminum fence pricing is very reasonable as compared to its wrought iron counterpart. Affordable, attractive, ornamental fencing...what's not to like about an aluminum fence?

Also, as compared to wrought iron, aluminum will not rust. Another added benefit of this fencing option! Quite simply, aluminum fencing is a great choice in Florida, as it will withstand the hot sun and other extreme weather conditions without fading, breaking or discoloring. If you have a house on the beach that you'd like to fence, aluminum fencing is the way to go.

Aluminum fencing is a popular choice for swimming pool enclosures, parks, playgrounds and condos. We install this type of fencing at hotels, restaurants, public gardens, townhouse developments and single family homes--wherever you can imagine an aluminum fence, we'll install it! So if you want an aluminum fence in Jacksonville, FL, or any nearby area, let Wolfe Fencing Co be your aluminum fence distributor and installer of choice.

When it comes to aluminum fencing, you'll want experience and knowledge, two things that are not in short supply at Wolfe Fencing Co.

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